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You can visit Xopra today, and even become a citizen!


Learn about the origin, culture and people of Xopra. With beautiful ecosystems and interesting story, here is more information about Xopra.


Xopra is well known because of its gold reserves, and peculiar look. Located near Azara in the Gamma Quadrant, Xopra is 17,000 light years from the Earth, and just like planet Earth, its gravity is 1g. Xopra has rings around it, all of them made out of a special rock only found in it. These rings serve as a protection method. The planet is twice the size of the Earth.


Xopra is a planet that has a lavender atmosphere. Despite being of such a peculiar color, humans were surprised when they found out that it was an atmosphere similar to the one on Earth. The planet is a big gold reserve, with big mountains that have caves full of this mineral. Xopra also has many rivers that can be seen from very far away in the galaxy, because of their glow. This glow is caused by the liquid gold that there is in it, reacting to the sunrays filtered through the particles of the lavender atmosphere. The planet has many mountains, where the gold can be found inside their caves. The mountains are very high, and each of them are named after a Xoprian leader.


Xopra’s calendar doesn’t have any weeks, or months. Instead, the calendar is only measured by 232 days that last 27 hours. Each year has a different name that is the same as the stars near the planet, to honor the Gods that created Xopra. Its people, the Xoprians, are a mixed race of humans and ancestral Xoprians. The planet has many miners, and their households are built near or on the mountains. Normal Xoprians live in the rest of the planet, mostly in the central district.



Welcome to the Nation of Xopra
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